Vendor Membership Benefits

Welcome, Manufacturers and Vendors, to the revolutionary membership-based “Trade Only” purchasing group that is specifically geared towards trade professionals.

Join the Community

Design Me Buy Me is not an online retailer but a community of designers who join together to leverage the purchasing power of many in order to assist the individual. An integral part of this community is You, the manufacturer and vendor. By joining this community you will increase access to your merchandise, enhance your brand recognition, increase product visibility, and ultimately enjoy a greater bottom line.

Should a retail customer visit our site, they are free to browse the products; however, prices will not be visible. For price inquiries, the customer will be directed toward a member designer in their area to assist with purchases. Additionally, Design Me Buy Me does not only offer purchasing solutions to trade professionals but we also have integrated and streamlined warehousing solutions, product presentation, client billing, room planning, and much more, all in an effort to save time and increase profits.

Your Portal to a Large Untapped Market

Just think – Design Me Buy Me will open up a large untapped market segment with people that have previously been unable to place orders due to financial constraints. With the accelerated growth of e-commerce, an increasing number of consumers shop online; however, the majority of markets and services are tailored predominantly for retailers. Furthermore, when it comes to large-ticket items, a consumer is less likely to make a purchase without a specific support system that most manufacturers and vendors are not normally offering. Design Me Buy Me offers a unique structure of support by attracting designers and interior decorators, who would not only provide recommendations and advice to the consumer but also arrange and oversee the process of merchandise selection, ordering and delivery. While offering overall benefits to all parties involved, Design Me Buy Me gives opportunities for manufacturers and vendors to showcase your offerings at no cost, facilitates purchasing, and thus, maximizes your profits.

Streamlined Tools and Solutions

Design Me Buy Me emphasizes personal communication between the designer or interior decorator and the consumer. A comprehensive designer directory will allow the visitors to initiate the process with the designer of their choice. Then, the process of personal recommendations and revisions will be facilitated by our system, and the finalized selection of merchandise will be submitted for ordering. Because the network of designers is continuously expanding, centralized ordering of merchandise from manufacturers and vendors is a very streamlined process.

Simplified Purchasing and Billing

As a manufacturer or vendor, you do not need to interact with customers individually. Instead, your merchandise is ordered in a centralized way by Design Me Buy Me directly. This significantly simplifies billing and accounting, as well as warehousing and transportation issues.