About Design Me Buy Me

What is Design Me Buy Me?

Design Me Buy Me is a"“Trade Only" furniture purchasing group for designers who want the same buying power as big retailers to grow their business. The Design Me Buy Me website improves the way you do business from research, planning, collaboration, presentation and much more. The Interior Designer tools offer accessibility to thousands of products with no opening order or reorder minimum, and quick purchasing and expediting capabilities streamlines your business.

Who is Design Me Buy Me?

Design Me Buy Me co-founders, Melissa and Markus Engelke, are passionate about helping designers grow their business and have witnessed first hand both the challenges and exciting opportunities of the interior design industry.

A Las Vegas native, Melissa, is the owner of a successful interior design firm currently located in Oklahoma. With more than 10 years of experience in interior and commercial design industry, she understands what it takes to start and grow an effective and rewarding firm.

"It is sad to see so many great talents have failing because of barriers created by the industry itself," says Melissa Engelke. “Design Me Buy Me was created to help designers overcome these challenges by equipping them with the tools to flourish.”

Markus was born and raised in Germany and has long history in foreign markets and architecture, and has been a driving force behind several successful business ventures. After seeing first hand the trials and tribulations Melissa experienced while establishing her firm, Markus was motivated to found Design Me Buy Me as a way to help interior trade professionals succeed.

"We used our combined business knowledge and experience in the interior design industry to launch the vision for Design Me Buy Me," said Markus. "We truly believe its efficient approach to starting and growing a design business will help others go farther than they ever expected."

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